Going Live…


I often tell others that they should not wait before sharing a piece of work, a lesson plan, etc. Yet when it comes to my own site I feel the same nerves- I’ll just wait until next weekend when I can add something better. So, this is me jumping in at the deep-end.

This site is a work in progress. I’m using Newspaper 7 as my wordpress theme and it looks great. But there are some aspects that aren’t working as I had expected. I’m releasing the site warts and all.

As time moves forward I will add the various parts that I was holding out for. Screencasts, for example, take time to create. A lot more than you might think. Plus, there are a lot of very slick screencasts online (I’ll be linking to many of them over time). They will come, but not immediately.

Maybe you’ll look and see things that inspire or make you see things differently. I hope that this will inspire you do do the same.



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